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  • 13 Tricks To Fix Practically Anything

    HGTV ain’t got nothing on you. Fix your iPhone charger with a twist tie from a loaf of bread. If you can already see the wires inside starting to fray, the solution is in that loaf of bread you just bought. The twist tie will not only protect the cables, but it will […]

  • This Kid Isn't Happy With The Academy Awards' Best Animated Feature Nominees

    “This is weird. I’ve never heard of these movies.” This year’s Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and like most years, there were a few snubs that have people talking. Like the one of Amy Adams, whose nomination for Best Actress […]

  • This Wire Nail Trend Is Going To Blow Your Mind

    Everything about this trend is gorgeous, down to the wire (sorry). We've seem some pretty amazing nail trends in the past, and it seems like we're starting the year with a pretty cool new one. Wire nails are now a thing, and we're into […]

  • 12 Funny Parents Who Embarrassed The Shit Out Of Their Kids

    Some heroes wear high-waisted jeans. "My daughter's name is Jennifer; I do a pretty decent Forrest Gump voice. A few years ago we were at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool when — using my Gump voice — I screamed as loud as I […]