About Us

Editorial Mission

To provide real life, quality content that will enhance lives and stimulate national pride.

Style. Culture. People.

  • Founded in 2004, SHOWOFF is a bespoke full color print magazine which now focuses on producing special edition, limited magazines
  • SHOWOFF prides itself on being an independently run that has no political affiliations and is supported by a community of freelance writers who are passionate about their craft
  • We distribute approximately 5,000 copies island-wide which are free to our loyal readership base
  • SHOWOFF is Bermuda’s best publication for progressive and dynamic men and women between the ages of 21 and 45
  • SHOWOFF has a wide selection of topics that appeal to a diverse crowd of readers. Topics we cover include style, relationships, sports personalities, social issues, updates, new technology, careers, finance, entertainment, home, wedding features, the art scene and personal health
  • Our readers work in various industries, have a high level of disposable income, own their own businesses, hold professional certifications and/or are college level educated
  • Our readers turn to SHOWOFF when they want to form new business network s, and when they want information on the latest trends and general knowledge about Bermuda’s lifestyles